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 Personalised Tuition   1994 - 2018   by Eckart Schillings


Quotes I would like to say how wonderful it was to join your class! I have attended a couple of silversmithing courses before... Joined a gem club with silversmiths but never felt that I could get the information or inspiration I needed to move forward with my work. After the very first class with you I felt that I'd learnt more than all the other classes combined. What I really liked was I felt free to do anything I wanted to do. I just had to ask & you'd show me what I needed to know. I'm looking forward to the next classes. Love my earrings! Quotes
from Bribie Island

Quotes The Silver Jewellery Making Workshop was an eye-opener in more ways than one. I'm sure you'll agree that your favourite jewellery are delicate treasures to be handled with the utmost care. So I was amazed to be taken through a century old process for crafting jewellery that is far from delicate. To begin, I toured the workshop while marvelling at the ?medieval? tools. Then it was down to business as I chose the piece I wanted to make ? a stunning ribbed silver ring (see my pictures). I was handed what looked like a piece of scrap metal, but with little sawing, melting, bending and soldering it began to resemble a ring. But we still had some way to go before it shined like the silver I admired in shop windows. Through the entire process the jeweller, Eckart Schillings, was more than happy to make up for my lack of coordination, helping me achieve the beautiful end results I sought, but while letting me go in the areas I was comfortable in trying myself. Quotes
from Brisbane

Quotes "I would like to thank you Eckart, your training is proving invaluable! I have been in the jewellery industry for many years but you have helped me gain a new appreciation for the art of jewellery. Thank you for your patient instruction as I develop my practical skills. Your are a great mentor. I am grateful for your advice and your consultation with design projects, my clients have appreciated the quality of the finished pieces and I have you to thank. As my design and repair business builds I look forward to your future support. Your experience and willing assistance means your are an excellent resource for me and an asset to my business. I also thank you for your tools supply. The tools are great quality and the prices are the best. I recommend you to anyone who has an interest in jewellery, whether hobbyist or professional, and I wish you every success. Regards Wayne Bradley Bradley Design and Repairs 2010 Quotes
from the Sunshine Coast

Quotes I recently completed a 15 hr/5 week course in introductory gold and silversmithing with Eckart Schillings, at Buderim. Eckart is a patient and thorough instructor, and I had an absolute ball during the tuition ! Working with gems is something I have long wanted to do. It is great to bring home a few small items you have had the pleasure of making yourself. Although I really know very little, I am at least started, and I am busily setting stones and making rings and necklace sets for them. I have now even started to experiment a bit.. my scrap pile is testament to a few failures ! But that's how you learn! More tuition definitely to come in the future. Quotes
from Brisbane, Qld

Quotes Hi Eckart, I soooo enjoyed the class in Buderim last weekend. It has given me such motivation to want to do more. Thank you. In response to your questions: 1.I enjoyed everything about the class, from beginning to end. 2.The only thing that was not good about the class was IT WAS WAY TOO SHORT. I would love to have spent a lot more time learning. 3.The best days for me personally to attend courses is weekends. Simply for the fact that I have to work during the week. 4.I thought the facilities at the Gem Club were great, and the people were very helpful and friendly. 5.I thought the size of the group was great, not too big and not too small. 6.I like the Jewellery School website, it is very informative, but after doing the course, I would like to know where to purchase materials, and what sizes to buy. 7.The only thing that I think could improve the classes, is nametags. I'm great with faces, but names fail me big time. Maybe it's just an age thing. LOL. Quotes
from Bundaberg, Qld

Quotes JEWELLERY MAKING COURSE Before I came to Eckarts jewellery making classes, I had a passion and excitement for creating, but I did not have the skills I needed to make jewellery. The knowledge and professionalism of his instructions, together with his calm patience for my never ending questions, provided the best possible atmosphere for learning the skills I needed to make my ideas become reality. " I highly recommend him as one of the best teachers - a master in his field..!" Quotes
from Peregian Springs, Qld

Quotes I recently completed the 1 & 1/2 weekend course and absolutely loved it! So much, that I'm now going back for more classes when I move down to the Sunshine Coast. Eckart is a very patient and kind man who is willing to help with any troubles during the course. He provides a lot of interesting information that allows you to fully understand the tools and materials that you are working with. The course was great fun, I met a lot of new people and the Gem Club was wonderful! To be able to make the jewellery and then take it home was a great experience. Thank you, Eckart for all your help, I will be sure to see you in the future. Quotes
Amy Mills
from Airlie Beach, Qld

Quotes I am an aged pensioner, so I thought I'd have a lot of problems, creating and working with silver. Thanks to the amazing skills of Eckart Schilling, he made my five weeks very enjoyable, and exciting achievement! I feel very proud to have created three beautiful silver pieces, which I actually designed myself, I will wear them with great pride and love. Eckart is certainly a talented man, a good teacher, very attentive, patient & caring, and he has a great sense of humor. I would recommend his classes to all. Thank you Eckart, I had a wonderful exciting five weeks, you certainly made me feel alive. I will definitely continue to learn further with other classes available. Quotes
Elizabeth Carter
from Coolum Beach

Quotes I was very excited to begin Eckart's classes after wanting to do a course like this for over 10 years. Eckart taught us the beginning steps to making rings and pendants with much patience and attention to detail, he never tired of my countless questions and always had an in depth explanation for everything. I found the 5 week classes to be of great value, the information I have learned is invaluable and has inspired & allowed me to gain enough knowledge to create my own original pieces. I can't wait to learn more. Quotes
Amber Gath
from Peregian Beach, Qld

Quotes Hi Eckart, It was a great 2 days ? I learned such a lot. You are a great teacher with a lot of patience. Hopefully I can work with you again sometime. Regards, Janet Quotes
Attended a Weekend Silversmithing Workshop