Jewellery - School 

  1994  - 2018   by Eckart Schillings                       INTERNATIONAL  

                    Welcome to the Jewellery School

Meet your Gold & Silversmithing Instructor:

Eckart J Schillings

Passionate Master-Jeweller and Diamond-Setter

With over 32 years in the Jewellery Trade, Eckart trained near Adelaide, 

with the Goldsmith Richard Ivey. 

It started a lifelong Passion for Fine-Jewellery manufacture and led to the creation of Eckart's own Jewellery Brand that was sold to Stores in Europe, the US and Australia. 

In 1994 he moved to Noosa Heads in Qld, Australia and operated a Shop on Hastings street while still servicing his wholesale Clients and offering Jewellery Courses on a part-time basis.

2005 was a time of big changes and Eckart went back to his Roots, 

personally creating Fine-Jewellery for his Group of private Clients.

The current Studio at Peregian Beach was opened a few years later and is used today for his 1 -on-1 Jewellery TUITION as well as his regular manufacturing Work.

Over the years his Reputation and the Workload has grown...

Eckart has now semi-retired in 2017.

His Focus is now on providing more personalised, 

exclusive 1-on-1 TUITION for Individuals 

and offering Wedding Ring making Tuition for interested Couples.

Group Training has finished End of 2017.

Eckart is still manufacturing bespoke Fine-Jewellery 

for a selected Group of private Clients. 

As the World around us changes

the Jewellery Trade has also changed, with only a few Master Craftspeople 

remaining and practising their Skills.

With Eckart you can still find the 'Old School techniques' 

of a highly skilled Gold & Platinumsmith and Diamond-setter.

Eckart loves to freely share his Skills without being special about it.

He enjoys helping Others move to the next Level in Jewellery - Making.

To find out more about Eckarts professional Work, 

visit his Website: