Jewellery - School 

  1994  - 2018   by Eckart Schillings                       INTERNATIONAL  

Gold & Silversmithing 1 - on -1 Tuition

If you always wanted to learn to make your own Jewellery...
Now you can!

Master-Jeweller and Diamond-Setter,
Eckart J Schillings is offering private
1 - on - 1 Tuition in his Studio at Peregian Beach, Qld, AUSTRALIA.
For complete Beginners, Intermediates and advanced Students.
1 - on - 1 Tuition is
suitable for People from all walks of live, starting from the minimum age of 18 years to mature students of retirement age.

"I inspire People to pursue their Dream of creating Jewellery successfully!"
1994 - 2017
23 years in Qld, AUSTRALIA