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 Personalised Tuition   1994 - 2018   by Eckart Schillings

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Dear Eckart, 
I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed my Silversmithing weekend back in May this year!!!

Best Boot camp EVER! I have been inspired to keep making jewellery & look forward to returning to do another boot camp with you. You are a fabulous teacher, both patient & encouraging.

The quality of the pieces I made are so high, that when my friends see them they are amazed that I made them myself.

This is NO craft week-end, it is serious jewellery making!

My only is regret is that I did not do this years ago.

Thank you ever so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge & skills. 
See you soon, Niki ; )

Hello Eckart!
Here is my Testimonial:
"I had a fantastic time at the weekend workshop, I learned so many new things and was able to dig out some of my old skills as well. Eckart has time for each individual student, his work is to a very high standard, he does not cut corners and is very knowledgable. 
And great projects to work on and then to take home! 
Vielen Dank, Karin Schwindack"    From the Gold Coast, Course 2017

 Testimonial from Mark, Brisbane, Qld

"Being a good jeweller does not necessarily mean you are automatically a good teacher. And when you sign up for a jewellery course you want someone who is not only a great tradesman, but also a great trainer.

Fortunately Eckart is both of these things. He is a great technician with the dedication and perfection of a true professional of his craft. But his course is extremely well structured - taking we rank amateurs through a carefully staged process that gave both understanding and above all else left us with the inspiration to do more with our new-found skills.
A brilliant weekend that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone."
Mark Simmons


Testimonial from Liz, Sunshine Coast, Qld

?Approximately 18 years ago I attended a 6-week jewellery making class at Eckart?s studio in Noosa.  With an excellent introduction to the technical processes I immediately knew that jewellery making was what I wanted to do. 

With Eckart?s encouragement I decided to study further with Qld College of Art in Brisbane where I graduated in Gold and Silversmithing in 2002.

The formative training I received from Eckart was that which I regard as the most important.  Attention to detail and the exactness of the craft which Eckart is determined to teach his students in a very personalised way was invaluable when I studied at Griffith Uni amid 20 other students in my class! 

Eckart and I have always stayed in touch and I am ever so grateful for his continuing mentoring and technical advice and assistance whenever I have needed it.  I have continued to take short courses with Eckart over the years and appreciate so much having someone of his skill and experience available to help me solve a problem or simply approach a task from another angle.  Thank you Eckart. 

I would encourage anyone wanting to follow a similar path to put your faith in Eckart and the Jewellery School.?  Liz Jamieson-Magro

Testimonial from Amber Gath, Peregian Beach, Qld

I was very excited to begin Eckart's classes after wanting to do a course like this for over 10 years. 
Eckart taught us the beginning steps to making rings and pendants with much patience and attention to detail, he never tired of my countless questions and always had an in depth explanation for everything. 
I found the 5 week classes to be of great value, the information I have learned is invaluable and has inspired & allowed me to gain enough knowledge to create my own original pieces. 
It is absolutely facinating to see & learn the ancient techniques which takes a melted  piece of metal and turns it into beautiful piece of jewellery.  I can't wait to learn more.  The Buderim Gem Club is a great facility for all aspiring silversmith's who can't afford the countless tools one needs to make jewellery.  All the members I met are very friendly, helpful & are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you.  I will definately be continuing my membership there.  Being able to go to this course with my Grandmother was a great bonding experience, never a dull moment! 
Thank you so much Eckart, I thoroughly enjoyed your classes and will definitely be attending future courses. 
If you ever wanted to begin learning about jewellery making, don't hesitate, take this class!


Testimonia from Elizabeth Carter, Coolum Beach, Qld

I am an aged pensioner, so I thought I'd have a lot of problems, creating and working with silver.  Thanks to the amazing skills of Eckart Schilling, he made my five weeks very enjoyable, and exciting achievement! 
I feel very proud to have created three beautiful silver pieces, which I actually designed myself, I will wear them with great pride and love. 
Eckart is certainly a talented man, a good teacher, very attentive, patient & caring, and he has a great sense of humor. 
I would recommend his classes to all. 
Thank you Eckart, I had a wonderful exciting five weeks, you certainly made me feel alive.  I will definitely continue to learn further with other classes available.
Testimonial from Amy Mills, Airlie Beach, QLD

I recently completed the 1 & 1/2 weekend course and absolutely loved it! 
So much, that I'm now going back for more classes when I move down to the Sunshine Coast.
Eckart is a very patient and kind man who is willing to help with any troubles during the course.
He provides a lot of interesting information that allows you to fully understand the tools and materials that you are working with.
The course was great fun, I met a lot of new people and the Gem Club was wonderful!
To be able to make the jewellery and then take it home was a great experience.
Thank you, Eckart for all your help, I will be sure to see you in the future.         
Testimonial from Bronwyn, Peregian Springs, Qld


?Before I came to Eckart?s jewellery making classes, I had a passion and excitement for creating, but I did not have the skills I needed to make jewellery.

The knowledge and professionalism of his instructions, together with his calm patience for my never ending questions, provided the best possible atmosphere for learning the skills I needed to make my ideas become reality.

" I highly recommend him as one of the best teachers - a master in his field.?


 Testimonial from Pauline Lomas, Bundaberg, Qld

Hi Eckart, I soooo enjoyed the class in Buderim last weekend.

It has given me such motivation to want to do more. Thank you.

In response to your questions:

1.I enjoyed everything about the class, from beginning to end.

2.The only thing that was not good about the class was IT WAS WAY TOO SHORT. I would love to have spent a lot more time learning.

3.The best days for me personally to attend courses is weekends. Simply for the fact that I have to work during the week.

4.I thought the facilities at the Gem Club were great, and the people were very helpful and friendly.

5.I thought the size of the group was great, not too big and not too small.

6.I like the Jewellery School website, it is very informative, but after doing the course, I would like to know where to purchase materials, and what sizes to buy.

7.The only thing that I think could improve the classes, is nametags. I'm great with faces, but names fail me big time. Maybe it's just an age thing. LOL.


If you have ever had even the slightest interest in making jewellery, you just have to do this class with Eckart. It was fabulous. I have been on the retail side of jewellery for a few years, and have always been interested in making jewellery. After doing this class, I cannot get my hands on my own tools and materials fast enough to start making my own jewellery. The class was a great size, Eckart was a fantastic teacher and it was fun. You just have to do this!

Pauline Lomas

Testimonial from Betty Adcock, Brisbane


I recently completed a 15 hr/5 week course in introductory gold and silversmithing with Eckart Schillings, at Buderim.
Eckart is a patient and thorough instructor, and I had an absolute ball during the tuition ? working with gems is something I have long wanted to do. It?s great to bring home a few small items you?ve had the pleasure of making yourself.

Although I really know very little, I am at least started; and I?m busily setting stones and making
rings and necklace sets for them. I?ve now even started to experiment a bit; my ?scrap? pile is
testament to a few failures ? but that?s how you learn!
More tuition definitely to come in the future.



Testimonial from Wayne Bradley, Sunshine Coast


"I would like to thank you Eckart, your training is proving invaluable.

I have been in the jewellery industry for many years but you have helped me gain a new appreciation for the art of jewellery. 
Thank you for your patient instruction as I develop my practical skills. 

Your are a great mentor. 

I am grateful for your advice and your consultation with design projects, my clients have appreciated the quality of the finished pieces and I have you to thank.  As my design and repair business builds I look forward to your future support.

Your experience and willing assistance means your are an excellent resource for me and an asset to my business. 
I also thank you for your tools supply. The tools are great quality and the prices are the best. 
I recommend you to anyone who has an interest in jewellery, whether hobbyist or professional, and I wish you every success.
Wayne Bradley
Bradley Design and Repairs 2010

  Testimonial / Letter to our Gem Club from Sarah Rajoo, Malaysia, 2010


Dear members of the Suncoast Gem & Fossicking Club,

I would like to share my pleasant experience at the club and how much I enjoyed being a member.


The club was not at all what I expected. I was expecting a normal class environment probably
because I came to attend classes.

What I saw was far more interesting. When I came all I had in mind was learning to make jewellery and
lapidary. Whilst in the process I gained much more - friendship.
Every time at the club it was like a family having fun going about their doings. It is a happy place
to be and I miss you all so much. Never did I have a dull moment.

I am glad I found Eckart on the internet and he introduced me to the club.

I got what I came for and much more. I will treasure all the souvenirs I got. Poor John was coerced to
give me his agate. You still owe me a dragonfly! I felt at home and well accepted by all the
members I came across. I am sorry that I didn?t take much effort to get to know some. The only
time I felt awkward was when I had to use tools and machines. The only machines I have handled
before are household ones. Yes Ivan, I was lost that day. I was nervous to start the machine.

I was uncomfortable at first but when I saw everyone else at ease with it I thought what the
h..., if anyone can, I can. With constant advice from other members I learned to operate with
I would like to thank everyone I came in contact with especially, Eckart, Don, John, Ray and Ivan
for imparting your knowledge and for your friendship. I miss the amusement in the faceting
room when Sandra and Johan work side by side and throw fire and brimstone at each other.

I await to hear from them and of Hendrix? fossicking adventures. Ren, I wish you better luck
with garnets the next time and Margaret, I imagine you working on more new ones after the
difficult one. I believe my friend Julianne is enjoying herself too in good hands. I hope to hear
from all of you from time to time. Kindly keep me informed of the club happenings and coming
events. It was unfortunate that I didn?t know of the Gem Show much earlier.
Many thanks to all. God bless until we meet again.

Sarah Rajoo


Testimonial from the Bribie Island Community Arts Society, 2010

Dear Eckart

Words fail me as to how to say an appropriate 'thank you' for the incredible work you did to make our festival such a success.

I speak on behalf of all of our approximately 700 members all of whom owe you a great debt of gratitude as do all the students.

We hope that you will join us agin for our next efforts. we will contact you for advice re: format of classes, dates etc.

Again we want to say a big thank you, we enjoyed so much your pivotal involvement with the Festival.



Testimonial from Meagan, in Brisbane



 The Silver Jewellery Making Workshop was an eye-opener in more ways than one.

I'm sure you'll agree that your favourite jewellery are delicate treasures to be handled with the utmost care.

So I was amazed to be taken through a century old process for crafting jewellery that is far from delicate.

To begin, I toured the workshop while marvelling at the ?medieval? tools.

Then it was down to business as I chose the piece I wanted to make ? a stunning ribbed silver ring (see my pictures).

I was handed what looked like a piece of scrap metal, but with little sawing, melting, bending and soldering it began to resemble a ring.

But we still had some way to go before it shined like the silver I admired in shop windows.

Through the entire process the jeweller, Eckart Schillings, was more than happy to make up for my lack of coordination, helping me achieve the beautiful end results I sought, but while letting me go in the areas I was comfortable in trying myself.

Eckart explained the process further as we filed and polished ? and polished a little more.

With years of experience, tremendous passion and quite a deal of patience, Eckart is a wonderful teacher.

And how the pattern was put in the silver? Well I don?t want to ruin the surprise, but it certainly wasn?t what I expected.

Finally, after an enjoyable morning in the gorgeous surrounds of the Sunshine Coast I was holding my very own, very shiny, hand-made ring, complete with hallmark. But my favourite part?

This experience didn?t end after I bid my farewells.

I relive the experience every day with people's shock and awe when I tell them that the gorgeous ring they are marvelling at is actually a one-of-a-kind and very individual piece ? because it was made by me!

The workshop opened my eyes to the jewellery-making process and my gorgeous ring leaves everyone?s eyes wide open too!


Below a Testimonial from Sarah, Sunshine Coast, in 2009

( Note: Sarah has recently secured a Trade Apprenticeship with a Sunshine Coast Jewellery manufacturer...... )

Good on you Sarah!


"I started the beginners class, and I am now going back for more!

Eckart is a very patient kind man, and he is not short of  interesting information and he explains things clearly so you know exactly what you're doing with the materials and how they work.

The classes were great fun, I met new people and the results were thrilling.

Making your own jewellery and taking home an end result was great, 

I can't wait to start the next course."

Thank you

From Sarah            


Below a Testimonial from Andrea, Bribie Island in 2009


 I would like to say how wonderful it was to join your class!  

I have attended a couple of silversmithing courses before...



Joined a gem club with silversmiths but never felt that I could get the information or inspiration I needed

to move forward with my work.

After the very first class with you I felt that I'd learnt more than all the other classes combined.

What I really liked was I felt free to do anything I wanted to do. I just had to ask & you'd show me what I needed to know.

I'm looking forward to the next classes.

 Love my earrings!



Below a Testimonial from Thelma in Brisbane: 

"I did the beginners course with Eckart Schillings and was thrilled with the result. 
He has vast knowledge and expertise in his field and gives information unstinginly. 
He is a calm, lovely man and every class was a delight."
Thelma McDougall.
Below a Testimonial from Helga Eder, Victoria, in 2008:

"I was a complete amateur when I took part in classes
with Eckart Schillings in November 2008.
I had only made a few beaded items using silver and
decided I needed to learn how to solder. 
Eckart taught me the basics of soldering silver and a lot
of other information I needed regarding soldering
and working with silver.
I learnt a lot from him and have been using it ever since. I plan
to go back for further lessons, specifically
stone setting, as soon as I am able to and look forward
to learning more from him. 

Thank you Eckart."
Update from Helga , November 2009:
 " Dear Eckart,  I just thought you may be interested in this.
I was talked into entering a competion and submitted a chain
and a pendant I had made as an experiment.
There were about 50 entries and I came second with the Chain
and third  with the Pendant.
As you can imagine I was over the moon with the result.
Regards Helga Eder"



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