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  1994  - 2018   by Eckart Schillings                       INTERNATIONAL  

PASSION for Gold & Silversmithing!

See what my Students get up to...

Ling and Timothy came from Singapore to make

their own Wedding Rings.

A complex Project, completed successfully! 




 Sam made a chunky, cast Silver Ring

Using old, recycled Silver.     A present for her friend 

Final polishing

The raw casting

Heating and annealing

This Ring required a lot of Filing...

Sam filing away...   Good Idea to wear tough Gloves


The finished Ring...great work!


Rob created his own Palladium 950 Engagement Ring.

Set with a Teardrop shaped Diamond

Getting started

Cutting the shape

The Ring Band and Palladium strip to make the Setting

The Setting Plates... very handy!

Fine Diamond setting work


Exiting! This is starting to look great!

The final Polish.


 The finished Diamond Ring... Rob is now ready to go and propose.


Colette and Mike from Brisbane had a great day.

 Making their own Wedding Rings in Gold and Palladium

The finished Wedding Rings

Getting ready to do some serious Ring making


The Raw Bars of Gold and Palladium

Lot's of technical calculations and planning involved to get it right!

Shaping the Rings


Making sure the solder joint aligns

Soldering the Ring Band

Working with the Rolling Mill

The Rings prepared for final soldering